My work bridges research, strategy and storytelling to design emotionally meaningful experiences for people. Currently, I’m a junior graphic designer at Aruliden. Previously I’ve worked in New York as a freelance designer for several inhouse brands; a design intern at Studio Paradise; and as a freelance designer for Anomaly and YARD NYC

*design portfolio is provided upon request

Sincere Formula
Brand Identity & Packaging Design

Sincere Formulas was created after understanding the principles of simplicity and creativity - Our lab has created products to aid natural grooming with real ingredients and unique formulas that heal the body. Just like our brand, our product design is meant to speak volume. Design is inspired by the feelings of purity and clarity, our design is unique just like our process.

Santa Barbara, California

Identity, Packaging Design & Photo
Painting can be pretty painful, DTC brand Backdrop is on a mission to transform the whole process. Who’s got time to sort through 1,000 shades of white? From picking your perfect color to finding the right supplies, to applying your final coat, Backdrop provides a simplified user experience for today’s generation of painters. Creating your own backdrop should be simple and inspiring—everyone has the potential to make a home their home.

Aruliden - New York, New York

Dean & Deluca
Website & Campaign Design
Dean & DeLuca developed Bio Nutrition Bars with their 40 years of experience with high-quality and often exotic ingredients and Alan Murchison’s 25 years in some of the UK’s best resturants. The Bio Nutrition Bar comes in four unique flavors, The bars are the official sports bar of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

New York, New York

Shelter Island
Brand Identity & Campaign Design
Shelter Island is dedicated to showcasing established international artists. The work featured is not limited to strictly two dimensional visual artworks, but also various three dimensional art, mixed media as well as installations. We also focus on harmonizing the aesthetics and viewpoints that define the multicultural aspects of the artists' respective environment. While fusing diverse artistic sensibilities, we take an interest in the way artists recreate their traditional forms and cultures. We hope to engage the world with their talent.

New York, New York

NYC & Santa Barbara, California