Daily Projects

Through Music

By exercising daily projects
my objective is to continue building
skills, trying different techniques,
and discovering new ways to look at
my work. Music has always played a 
big role in my creative process- to identify
lyrics from songs in my playlists as a
form of a design medium allows me
to focus on creating consistent content.


Spotify Playlists


 Have Some Mercy - Delroy Wilson          03/03/2019
 I Gotta Find Peace of Mind - Lauryn Hill          03/04/2019

Will I Come - King Krule         03/06/2019

Brown Skin Girl - Leon Bridges          03/07/2019

Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie          03/10/2019
Logos - King Krule          03/14/2019

Blue Velvet - The Clovers          03/17/2019

Alec Klein — Santa Barbara, CA / New York City